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Tom Price, from the legendary U-Men and Gas Huffer, fronts the TPDC at my book launch party at the Feedback Lounge, West Seattle, October 18, 2011.  Unfortunately, we only have a brief clip (wah).

(I’m the one with the horns wearing the Squirrels’ 25th Anniversary “Death With Dignity” tour shirt.)

Elliott Bay Panel Close Up

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Seattle Events

(From left: Jack Endino, Rob Morgan, Tom Price, Leighton Beezer, myself…photo by Johnny Cat.)

First, from Senor Morgan.  Rob entertained the crowd with “back in the day” stories from his old U-District house, where the Ramones, Blondie, and the Tubes would come visit.  When Rob and his friends were bored (which was most of the time), they made up games (for you young kids, this was way before video games–even “Pong.”)  One of them was called “Jump On All the Metal Things.”

Rob describes it: “You’d hop down the street, going for those weird metal plates over meters and manhole covers and whatever, trying not to touch the actual pavement. Whoever touched the ground the least won.”

The crowd (and the bookstore rep) nearly peed their pants over that one.

During the Q&A portion, an audience member directed a question at Jack Endino.  She mentioned that “Dancing With the Stars” had apparently been featuring retro-’80s music recently, and she asked him if they would be doing grunge next.

“Dancing With the Stars” and Jack don’t exactly mix…it’s like me and Disney…they’re in a different universe.

One thing I do know about Jack is that he’s not exactly a remote-toting couch potato kind of guy…he works most of the time, and avoids TV like the plague.  So, I glanced over at him while she asked the question, stifling my laughter as I watched his facial expression turn to puzzlement.

He leaned forward to the mike, and said something like, ‘Is that a TV show?’

As Scott Boras would say, “Next question.”

(A slightly nervous author introduces the panel…”is that Brian Epstein in the audience?”)

(The panel. From left: Jack Endino, Rob Morgan, Tom Price, Leighton Beezer, myself.)

(Tom Price shares a story…I loved his re-telling of the U-Men 1985 Bumbershoot show–that’s the one where the band set the moat on fire. For some reason, the U-Men were never invited back to Bumbershoot, and the city filled in the moat afterwards.)

We had a nice crowd on hand tonight at the Elliott Bay Book Company on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.  They were treated to a panel of folks who have had something to say about this town’s music scene: Tom Price, Jack Endino, Leighton Beezer, and Rob Morgan.  I read some passages from Strangest Tribe and had the panelists comment on them…but mostly I just wanted to hear them talk.  Fortunately, that happened.

I think Rob pretty much stole the show when he told a story about not having a phone in his old U-District house…people could only reach him on the pay phone outside.  Somebody would walk by the house, the phone would ring, and then they’d knock on Rob’s door and say, “It’s for you.”  The audience went berserk.

The guys talked about everything from those early U-District punk days to the U-Men to the Thrown Ups to Devo.  You know it’s humorous when you hear the bookstore rep laughing even louder than the audience.

You could also tell that Jack, Tom, Leighton, and Rob genuinely like and respect each other.  That’s a really cool thing.

I also got to say hello to James Burdyshaw (Cat Butt, 64 Spiders), Jim Basnight (Meyce, Moberlys), Lee Lumsden (Meyce), Larry Reid, Paul Hood (Meyce/Enemy), Damon Titus (Enemy), Jim Lightfoot (one of the guys who put together punk shows at the Showbox back in the day), Laura Vanderpool (Capping Day), author Gillian Gaar…and I know I’m missing some people here, sorry.

I can’t express how much I appreciate the four panelists for coming in (and for everyone who showed up).  They did an incredible job and got the book’s message across: when it comes down to it, it’s really just about fun.  It’s just rock n roll.

I’ll have some pics and clips from this event up soon.

Location: Elliott Bay Book Co. on Capitol Hill

Time: 7 – 9 pm this evening

Format: Reading accompanied by a panel and Q&A session

Tonight, we will be graced by four serious movers and shakers within the Seattle music community: Rob Morgan of the Pudz and Squirrels; John Leighton Beezer of the Thrown Ups; Tom Price of the U-Men and Gas Huffer; and producer Jack Endino, who of course also played in Skin Yard.  I’ll read some excerpts from my book, and then get reactions from the above folks (which hopefully won’t be, “Steve, you suck,” but we’ll see…Leighton did mention to me that “you’re nobody until somebody thinks you suck.”)  We will also leave time for audience questions.

I have to say, of all the book-related events, this one excites me the most (although seeing Tom play last night in the Desert Classic was awesome).  We have some really cool and incredibly funny panelists.  Make sure and be nice to them, however, to avoid a bombardment of raw oysters (read the book to get the reference.)


(Sir Larry Reid, who used to manage the U-Men, takes a gander at The Strangest Tribe.)

(Rob Morgan takes a photo of me taking a photo of him.)

The Tom Price Desert Classic!

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Seattle Events

Performing at the Feedback Lounge, West Seattle, October 18, 2011

(Sound check done, Tom Price [middle] relaxes with Rob Morgan [on his left] and David Schanen sporting a Pudz t…that’s a painting of the Pete Townshend “This Guitar Has Seconds to Live” poster in the background. Correction: the painting is of the Clash’s London Calling album cover…doh, thanks Rob.  Jeff does have the Pete pic up somewhere, though.)