The Fastbacks Open for Pearl Jam

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Interview Clips

In 1996, Pearl Jam invited the legendary Fastbacks to open for them on their world tour.  For those not aware, the Fastbacks are Seattle’s version of the Ramones, only better.  Kurt Bloch, guitar player, songwriter, and producer extraordinaire, drove the band during its long lifespan (1979-2002).  Joining Kurt on this ride were high school friends Kim Warnick and Lulu Gargiulo on bass and guitar, respectively.  Kim and Lulu also sang.  While the Fastbacks featured a rotating cast of drummers, Mike Musburger (the Posies) fulfilled that role for most of the 1990s.

For the Fastbacks, used to playing small clubs, the Pearl Jam tour became a dream come true.  For the most part, PJ fans enjoyed the opening act.  Then there was Rome, where the audience voiced its displeasure by heaving an eclectic mix of objects at the band.  Mike narrates.

Date of interview: December 28, 2009.  Used with permission.


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