Rob Morgan post-Squirrels gig

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Squirrels

(Another selection that didn’t make the cut for the chapter addendum: “Pop Lust for Life: Rob Morgan and the Squirrels”)

Following the Squirrels’ demise in 2009*, Rob Morgan was invited to attend a Kinks tribute show to benefit MusiCares, an organization that assists musicians in financial, personal, or medical distress.  Fronting a friend’s band called Jodie Watts, Morgan decided to perform two Kinks’ songs, one of which was the quirky and rather complex “Jack the Idiot Dunce.”

Morgan rehearsed with the guitar and bass players but the drummer was nowhere to be found.  About an hour before show time, the percussionist showed up at the band’s West Seattle rehearsal space, having not yet listened to “Dunce.”  In desperation mode, the drummer pulled out his iPhone, found the song on Youtube, and learned his parts as best he could.  The stop/start dynamics in “Dunce” made this learning on the fly approach nearly impossible, however.

That night, Jodie Watts took the stage, with Morgan nervously hoping his bandmate could handle the Kinks’ challenging time signatures .  “And so I go out there, and we go plowin’ through “Jack the Idiot Dunce” by the skin of our teeth,” says Morgan.  “I mean, I turned around and looked at the drummer, like, ‘Stop! Go!’”

* – the Squirrels reunited for one show in April 2011.


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