More Underrated Seattle Music People

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Seattle-Related Lists

(Please note this list does not equate to a ranking system…rankings are kind of silly if you think about it.)

16) Rob Morgan (the Pudz/the Squirrels).  Face it, Rob.  You are a Seattle institution.  Rob arrived in the University District just as the punk scene got going there in the mid-’70s.  He worked the door at the Bird (Seattle’s first punk rock club), had a minor hit with the Pudz (“Take Me to Your (Leader)), and ran the Squirrels for twenty-five years.

17) Paul Solger (Solger/the Fags/10 Minute Warning).  Paul is a cult figure within Seattle, and an incredibly gifted guitar player.  He has influenced a number of Seattle musicians including Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam.

18) Clark Humphrey (Desperate Times zine, author of Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story).  Clark’s Loser represented an enormous undertaking, documenting one hundred years of Seattle music.  I have heard a few folks heap some criticism at the accuracy of Loser (and yeah, I’m sure some people will challenge Tribe‘s veracity), but Clark performed an incredibly valuable service recording Seattle’s rich musical history.

19) Greg Gilmore (the Living/10 Minute Warning/Mother Love Bone.)  Greg may be the most talented drummer to come out of Seattle, and that’s saying a lot since the city has produced its share of amazing percussionists including Bill Rieflin, Matt Cameron, and Dale Crover (and yes, I know he is originally from Montesano.)

20) Jeff Gilbert (metal writer.)  Jeff was one of the few people to cover Seattle’s suburban metal scene for the Rocket (Seattle’s monthly music magazine from 1979 through 2000).  He informed those who would listen about the local metal community, a community that dwarfed the grunge scene, even during the latter genre’s heyday.

21) Claudia Gehrke (promoter.)  I met Claudia at Geezerfest (a reunion of sorts for late ’80s Seattle bands) back in 2007.  Shortly thereafter, I discovered her contribution in promoting shows for numerous bands including Feast, Soundgarden, the U-Men, the Fags, Green River, and Nirvana.

  1. Great round two Stephen! I’m looking forward to buying you a beer next time you are in Seattle. 🙂

    • Stephen Tow says:

      Thanks. I feel guilty for not including Rob in the initial 15…but like I said, I’m not putting it in any sort of order. Yes, definitely to the beer…I like that amber microbrew you make up there…the name escapes me.

  2. Underdog Unincorporated says:

    Thank You, made the day a bit brighter !

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