My 10 Favorite Non-Superstar Seattle Bands/Artists

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Seattle-Related Lists

Done in reverse order for dramatic effect…

10) The Squirrels

9) Jim Basnight & the Moberlys

8) The Walkabouts

7) Skin Yard

6) Mudhoney

5) Red Dress

4) Gas Huffer

3) The Fastbacks

2) The Young Fresh Fellows

1) The U-Men

Update: I fucking forgot Love Battery!  Why? Why? Why?

    • Stephen Tow says:

      No problem…it actually automatically creates the emoticon with a number eight followed by a closing parantheses…but I decided to leave it in since, yeah, I kinda like the band. Oh yeah, and one of Chris’ quotes closes the book.

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