Sympathy for the (Seattle) Drummer, Part 4

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Sympathy for the (Seattle) Drummer

Male drummers sometimes find themselves excluded from meeting women, due to the time-consuming process of breaking down and packing up a drum kit after a show, combined with physical exhaustion.

“When we’re done [playing], we have to schlep everything off, break it all down, put it all away,” says Green River’s Alex Shumway.  “And I mean, you’re talking about a lot of equipment, even for a small set.  It takes a long time.  And by the time you’re done with that, all the other guys are drunk and have the good girls.”

“‘C’mon, she’s cute!’”

“‘No, you’ve had 20 beers,’” says Shumway.  “‘That’s why she’s cute.’”

Even if the drummer gets to the bar in time, he’s typically in such a state of physical wretchedness that the women aren’t interested anyway.

“I mean, how sexy is that?” says Popdefect’s Nick Scott.  “You’re done with your punk rock show.  You’ve been drinking nonstop cheap beer for hours and you’re just bathed in sweat.

“You’re gonna go like, ‘Ya know, what?  Uh, you’re kinda cute!’” Scott continues.  “What are [the women] gonna say?  ‘You’re kinda disgusting!  Why don’t you go talk to somebody else?  You’re kinda freekin’ me out with your underwater wetness thing going on.’”

“When you go on tour–as a drummer–it’s like man, it’s totally physically demanding,” says Nirvana’s Chad Channing.  “You’re playing almost night after night. And you’re usually packing up and driving to the next show and what not.  So, it’s kinda rough in that aspect of it as well.”

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