Introducing…Seattle’s Squirrels

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Interview Clips

Now we delve into the offbeat world of Rob “Captain” Morgan and the Squirrels.  For those unfamiliar, the Squirrels were arguably Seattle’s most flat-out fun, talented, and goofy band, entertaining audiences from 1984 through 2009.  In 1991, the Squirrels introduced an enduring character to their line-up: a Cabbage Patch doll dubbed “Baby Cheevers.”  The band occasionally would play all-ages street fairs.  During these performances, Rob would hold the doll in front of a microphone while band-mate Joey Kline spoke into his own mike, covering his mouth with his hat…and thus was born the world’s worst ventriloquism act.  Kids often did not notice Joey’s hi jinks, however, as they stared at Rob holding Baby Cheevers.  [Author’s note: Joey would cover his mouth with the hat, not the mike as I stated during the interview clip when I interrupted Rob.  Here’s where I smack my head like Chris Farley…”Idiot!”]

Date of interview: June 20, 2010.  Used with permission.

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