Miscellaneous Fanzine Excerpts

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Miscellaneous

(Discussion between Ron Nine [Rudzitis] and Jason Finn about forming Love Battery.  Prior to Love Battery, Nine had been in the swirly psychedelic band Room Nine.)

“Some of the songs we play, I actually wrote when I was in Room 9,” says Ron.  “But I didn’t feel they were right for Room 9.”

 “Not gay enough?” asks Jason.

 —J. R. Higgins, Backlash, October 1989.

(Dawn Anderson, in her Backfire fanzine, writes about Alice in Chains after singer Layne Staley’s 2002 death.)

“In a way, Alice in Chains never really belonged to Seattle. The national media lumped Alice in with the grunge phenomenon, but they were not one of the ex-punkers-gone-heavy bands who played the Central Tavern on Tuesday nights throughout the late ’80s.  Instead, their roots lay in suburban metal.  Most rock critics hate that shit, and most scenesters expected to hate Alice in Chains when the band first ventured into the same clubs as Soundgarden and Mudhoney.  A lot of clubgoers acted visibly shocked, upon seeing the band for the first time, to discover they didn’t suck.  About five minutes after the locals recognized Alice in Chains’ potential greatness, the band had already gone gold.  Their music belonged to the world, not to Seattle.”

(Bruce Pavitt asking for music to review in his Olympia based Sub/Pop fanzine, which pre-dated his Sub Pop record label by a decade.)

“Hi There –
My Name is Bruce and we have to decentralize our society and encourage local art and things and music. Sub/Pop can be an outlet for this kind of subversive entertainment perspective but only if you help me by writing local gossip and sending it in right away to me with money and photos of you and your friends playing rock star. Send it in and I will print it. O.K.?”

—Sub/Pop 3 introduction, Spring 1981.


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