My 25 Fave Songs By Seattle Artists

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Seattle-Related Lists

As always, in reverse order to create dramatic effect:

25) “Kim the Waitress,” the Green Pajamas.

24) “23 Modern Stories,” Love Battery.

23) “Lost,” the Treepeople.

22) “Ash Gray Sunday,” Screaming Trees.

21) “Fuzzgun ’91,” Mudhoney. 

20) “Vaporized,” X-15.

19) “Robert,” Gas Huffer.

18) “Angry Chair,” Alice in Chains.

17) “Hallowed Ground,” Skin Yard.

16) “Searchin’ USA,” the Young Fresh Fellows.

15) “Flight of the Wax Tadpole,” Jack Endino.

14) “Gila,” the U-Men.

13) “Blow Your Life Away,” Jim Basnight.

12) “Potty Swat,” 64 Spiders.

11) “Blue Flame Ford,” Truly.

10) “40 Days,” Swallow.

9) “Don’t Take It Personal Dave,” the Cops.

8) “Out of Control,” Mr. Epp and the Calculations.

7) “Emperor of the Bathroom,” the Minus 5.

6) “Take Me to Your (Leader),” the Pudz.

5) “Set Me Free,” the Fastbacks.

4) “Foot,” Love Battery.

3) “Shoot ’em Down,” the U-Men.

2) “Amy Grant,” the Young Fresh Fellows.

1) “Polly,” Nirvana.

Update: Note the Fastbacks’ tune was originally recorded by Sweet, and I know Kurt Bloch wrote a zillion great songs, but this band’s version of “Set Me Free” is so much better than the original.  It reminds me of Jimi Hendrix doing “All Along the Watchtower.”  Bob Dylan took one listen and said, “It’s your song now.”


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