Still Even More Seattle Underrated Music People

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Seattle-Related Lists

28) Dan Peters.  Dan makes it not just because he plays drums for Mudhoney, or that he’s a fine percussionist and arranger–he also played drums for a couple of Mudhoney’s key predecessors: Bundle of Hiss and Feast (and of course manned the traps for Nirvana’s notorious 1990 Motorsports Garage show.)

29) Tomata du Plenty.  Tomata was part of Seattle’s original punk scene as a singer with the Tupperwares (later LA’s Screamers) in the mid ’70s.  He also basically changed Seattle’s glam community into a punk scene when he returned from New York with a Ramones tape.

31) Terry Morgan.  Terry is already mentioned as part of the “Showbox guys,” but he deserves special recognition here.  In addition to providing a key venue for the developing music scene, and promoting shows, Terry also managed two key Seattle bands: the Blackouts and the Posies.

32) Damon Titus.  I had previously given credit to Roger Husbands for opening up the Bird, Seattle’s first punk rock club.  But as pointed out by the Enemy’s George Gleason (and confirmed by Damon), Damon hired Roger and thus provided the momentum for the club’s genesis.

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