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Leighton Beezer (the Thrown Ups) remains in the middle playing bass.


just fumbling with the camera settings a bit…

Empire Vista, a four-piece, with two guitar players on each end.  Leighton is in the middle on bass.

It’s not often I get to see one of my Seattle interviewees play Philly.  Back in June, I got to check out the Baseball Project with the Young Fresh Fellows’ Scott McCaughey.  Last night, it was Leighton Beezer’s Empire Vista playing a bar called Tritone, down on Philly’s notorious South Street.

Unlike previous Leighton gigs, this band played songs (note: when Leighton read this, he said, “You thought they were songs?”), albeit with psychey, bluesy extended jams. As usual, I found myself wanting more.  We got to chat and have a couple beers after the performance…mostly about the Nirvana Nevermind Seattle benefit concert (for Susie Tennant) and other Seattle-related stuff.  Then, I somehow jammed the three band members and their equipment into my Mustang and drove them to 30th Street Station, so they could return to NYC.  I’m looking forward to meeting up with Leighton in Seattle next month, as part of our distinguished blue-ribbon Seattle punk/grunge Q&A panel (10/19, at Elliott Bay Books, Seattle…panel also features producers Jack Endino and Steve Fisk, singer Rob Morgan, and guitarist/bassist Tom Price.)

I will post last night’s photos shortly.

Update: Photos are posted under “Band Shots, etc.”  I also have to mention I dug this band’s drummer.  He had, as best I could see on that tiny stage, tucked into a corner behind the two guitar players and singer: a bass drum, high hat, and snare.  He sounded like he had a full-size kit and then some.  See, you don’t have to have a Neil Peart-size set to sound good (or Nick Andopolous for that matter…”maybe you can kick it up to an even thirty.”)

Seattle Postpunk

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Vinyl/Cassettes

3 Swimmers EPs, courtesy of drummer George Romansic.

KCMU DJ Comments

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Other

KCMU (now KEXP) was the University of Washington’s radio station that heavily supported local music during the late ’80s “grunge heyday.”  I stopped by KEXP a couple of years ago, and they graciously allowed me into their record vault, where I hurriedly copied down DJ notes made on various record albums.  Some of these comments made the book…hopefully you can make out my illegible handwriting.

Doing the Interviews

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Interviews

I recorded the first 50 or so interviews on cassette tape (remember those?) and digitized them in five (not-so) easy steps:

1) Play the tape into this crappy recording software in 35 minute segments.

2) Create a “mono” file of these segments into cpr format or something.

3) Use some freeware to convert the cpr files into wav format.

4) Because wav format creates enormous files, use some more freeware to compress them into mp3 format.

5) Import into itunes.  (It took me a while to figure out I could use Skype along with a free mp3 recorder to instantly turn phone interviews into mp3 files.  Basically, I’m not that smart.)

The photo below shows the files in itunes…almost 6 days of interviews made it in there.

Sub Pop 20 Band List, July 2008

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Itineraries

I went specifically to see Green River, but I loved No Age.

Some Seattle CDs You Should Own (vol. 4)

Posted: September 28, 2011 in CDs

64 Spiders!  (From James Burdyshaw.)  Track listing is too blurry to make out, I know.  My fave song from this collection: “Potty Swat.”  If you listen to this one (or “Rubber Room” for that matter), how can you not identify it as grunge.