Honorable Mention, My Fave Seattle Songs

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Seattle-Related Lists

(that didn’t make the Top 25…wah)

In no particular order…

“Aneurysm,” Nirvana.

“Underground,” Chemistry Set.

“3 Boxes,” the Fastbacks.

“Death to Ivar,” the Limp Richerds.

“Invisible Lantern,” Screaming Trees.

“Empty Box,” My Eye.

“Garden,” Pearl Jam.

“Supermodel,” the Presidents of the United States of America.

“Bob Is A Robot,” Red Dress.

“Rusty Cage,” Soundgarden.

“Hawaii Take 5-0,” the Squirrels.

“Helot,” TAD.

“Red Eye Angel,” TAD.

“Crown of Flowers,” Sleeping Movement featuring Upchuck.

“Mona Lisa,” Capping Day.

“Hell’s Soup Kitchen,” the Walkabouts.

“Lucy Leave,” Wellwater Conspiracy (Syd Barrett cover, I believe).

“The Worker Works to Live,” 3 Swimmers.

“I Am Inside,” Alice in Chains.


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