More Newspaper/Fanzine Excerpts

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Reciprocal Recording offers high quality 8-track recording services at incomparable prices.  We’ve got good equipment and a versatile space.  Check us out for your next demo or LP project.  $12.50/hr, $10/hr block rate.

—Ad for Reciprocal Recording (where Green River, Mudhoney, TAD, Soundgarden, and Nirvana would record), The Rocket, July 1984.

“I’d call it a melting pot overflowing with bizarre and dastardly ingredients—a tad of psychedelia, a dash of glam.  Add it all together and it creates something that by its very definition is more powerful than any individual part.

I’m speaking here of the Northwest music scene, a scene that has more energy today than at any time since the heyday of the ’60s Northwest Sound—back when “Louie Louie” was heating up the Billboard charts and bringing the first real national attention to the Northwest music scene.

When The Rocket began almost seven years ago, the local scene was in a similar state to Boeing—there had been a decade of bust, and the only thing left was for the last person to shut out the lights.  At that point the only happening groups were the Cowboys and the Heaters [aka the Heats], and neither could be called revolutionary or creative.  There were only a handful of venues, and hardly a decent studio in town.

But over these seven years there has been nothing short of a major metamorphosis in the local music scene.  There are so many up and coming original bands and so much talent the only thing lacking is enough venues to showcase them all.”

—Charles R. Cross, The Rocket, December 1986 (five years before the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind.)

“The Seattle scene is gearing up for a major explosion.  Despite the desperate lack of a good club, Seattle has rarely seen so many bands.  Expect great records to come out of this region in ’87.”

 —Bruce Pavitt, The Rocket, January 1987 (nearly five years before the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind.)

“Everyone I know says the scene’s dead.  God, I feel stupid using the word “scene.”  The term comes up in conversation all the time, but if you actually write it down, everyone laughs at you, especially scenesters.

Shaddup – it’s not dead, alright?  The blob is merely changing shape.  The fate of any given band isn’t relevant anyway, as long as the individual members are still active, and most of these guys have proven themselves to be amazingly resilient.

Also, remember that we had to kill off punk in order to invent hardcore, then hardcore had to die to make way for the grinding, oozing mess we’ve got now.  What comes next is anyone’s guess.  But since the underground embraced the ’70s revival a few years before everyone else did (don’t expect it to end for normal people until at least 1993), I figure an early-’80s revival is right around the corner.  And you know what that means – Coffin Break.  They’re your future.”

—Dawn Anderson Backlash, February 1988.


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