Bundle of Hiss

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Band Shots, etc.

More than any other Seattle band, Bundle of Hiss symbolized the scene’s embracing of the heavier musical aesthetic in the late ’80s.  In 1987, BOH made an abrupt shift from postpunk to grunge when vocalist Russ Bartlett left the band.  The remaining three players: vocalist/guitarist Jamie Lane, bassist Kurt Danielson, and drummer Dan Peters moved toward a more rock-influenced sound, incorporating Led Zeppelin with the sludginess of such bands as Big Black and Scratch Acid.  For a short time, H-Hour’s Tad Doyle joined the band as a second guitar player, but that didn’t work out.  BOH broke up, but it’s players moved on.  Lane went to graduate school, while Doyle and Danielson formed TAD with Gary Thorstensen (Treeclimbers) and Steve Wied.  Peters formed Mudhoney with Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Green River, along with Matt Lukin of the Melvins.

The photo below shows BOH at the end with, from left, Peters, Lane, Danielson, and Doyle.



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