Key 1986 Seattle Records

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Vinyl/Cassettes

These two compilations, Deep Six (obtained from producer Chris Hanzsek) and Lowlife (purchased from a record shop on Seattle’s Capitol Hill), bookended 1986.  The first comp documents the early grunge sound (even though no one called it that yet), and the second showcases everyone else.  Lowlife features selections from Bundle of Hiss (with Mudhoney’s Dan Peters on drums), Clay Alien, Feast (also with Peters), Vexed, Pure Joy, Room Nine, the Walkabouts, and Terry Lee Hale and the Ones (with Jack Endino on bass.)

While both records were recorded at Seattle’s Ironwood Studio, both took very different recording approaches.  Deep Six featured lo-fi equipment, while Lowlife was done on professional-grade 24-track.  (Oh yeah, and Lowlife‘s cover displays a distorted photo of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell.  Soundgarden was supposed to be on the record.  More on that in the book.)

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