The Rocket Notes, 1981

Posted: October 8, 2011 in The Rocket

January 1981

“The Refuzors recent gig at the Gorilla Room got the band 86d from the mostly “new wave” club.  Seems some tables got broken as did a few glasses.  To be exact, two tables, four chairs, six pitchers and twelve glasses were casualties.  “It’s about time someone woke this place up,” offered band member Mike Refuzor.”

Ricky Cresciend’o (Confidential Reporter), “Lip Service,” 5.

Tacoma’s Baby Knockors are mentioned here and before.

An ad for the WREX marketed itself as “Seattles(sic) only video & new wave dance club,” 11.

February 1981

Cross (who was just a contributing writer at the time) writes favorably about the Heats’ debut album Have an Idea.  “The Heats also must get some credit for their initiative in releasing this album.  After getting sick of waiting for a major label to sign them, the Heats put out this album on their management’s own label, Albatross records.  Albatross, in addition to managing the Heats, manages Heart, and one would guess that the money that comes from managing such a super group made this album possible.  The goal now seems to be to attract a major label for re-release or distribution.”

“But for all the merit of this album, taken outside of the context of Seattle it is outshadowed by 10,000 other similar bands playing the same kinds of songs from Portland to Pensacola.  In the realm of power pop groups, the Heats seem insignificant compared to bands like San Francisco’s the Beat or L.A.’s 20/20.”

Charles Cross (CW), “Four Guys in Search of an Idea,” (23, 24)

March 1981

Lip Service (by the C with the apostrophe dude) reports that the Beakers broke up and that drummer George Romansic and lead guitarist Mark Smith have joined up with Colin McDonnell, guitarist from Macs Band, and bassist Scott Smith to form 3 Swimmers.  Beakers bass player Frankie Sundstrum has moved to the Blackouts.  Page 5.

The Fags are mentioned (as also by Jamie) as well as the Empty Set and Jr. Cadillac, who had been around apparently since 1970.

“Ex-Mental Mannequin vocalist-keyboardist Barbi (sic) sang an inspired “White Rabbit,” climaxed by a shower of those pills that make you larger and smaller, craftily disguised as Good ‘n’ Plenty treats.  Usual lead vocalist Upchuck (his name’s on the P.A.) sang one or two songs, but mostly wandered out of sight.”

Scott McCaughey (CW), “Put Me on the Guest List: the Fags, the Empty Set, Jr. Cadillac,” 11.


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