Launch Party…at a loss for words

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Seattle Events

So I showed up at the Feedback Lounge a little before 7 tonight, met up with Sarah Hanson from Sasquatch, and got ready to sign some books…but that wasn’t the best part.  Over the course of the evening, I got to chat with Mr. Seattle (otherwise known as Rob Morgan), Tom Price (U-Men, Gas Huffer, Kings of Rock, Monkeywrench, Psychopop, Cat Butt), Scott Vanderpool of KZOK (Room Nine, Green Pajamas, the Treeclimbers, Chemistry Set), Duff Drew (the Trids), Larry Reid (managed the U-Men), Jim Tillman (U-Men, Love Battery), Jim Sorenson (more on him later), Jane Brownson (the Fags), and I’m sure I’m forgetting some folks.  They also all autographed my book (except for Jim T…I’ll get him tomorrow.)

After the book signings, the Feedback hosted a rock trivia contest featuring categories on grunge and France (kind of like a Philly author doing an interview with a radio station in Chicago about Seattle…there may be a connection in there somewhere.)

I chatted with t-shirt designer Jim Sorenson for a bit, who traded me three shirts for a book.  Two are of the notorious 1989 CoCA shows that featured TAD, GWAR, Dwarves, Cat Butt, Black Supersuckers, Mudhoney, and Nirvana over two days.  The third shirt–and this was the extra great one–was the Green River t that I never got when my glasses were destroyed at the 2008 GR reunion show (see that story in the “My Seattle-Related Concert Experiences” section.)

Finally, we got to see the Tom Price Desert Classic in action.  Amazing, tight…just rocked.  Loved it.  Wished they could have played for three hours.

I will post a bunch of pics tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s book panel Q&A…Elliott Bay Books on Capitol Hill with Jack Endino, Rob Morgan, Tom Price, and Leighton Beezer.


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