The Notorious Green River T-Shirt

Posted: October 19, 2011 in T-shirts

Front and back, from designer Jim Sorenson.  This was the shirt that got my glasses broken in 2008 and Coffin Break tossed from a movie theater twenty years earlier.

  1. Jim Sorenson says:

    Hey, I just printed ’em… give Jeff Ament credit for the design. These shirts were actually the second printing, because the guy printing ’em for Sub Pop disappeared, and Bruce Pavitt handed me one of the shirts (they originally were either black on white, or flourescent green on white in water base ink on Hanes underwear shirts) and I had to create the art from an already printed shirt. That was back around 1989…the type on the back, Futura Extra Bold, blown up on a copy machine to give it that ragged flavor.

    I just happened to save the screens for 21 years…

    • Stephen Tow says:

      Jim, that’s very cool for you to point out. Most of the time, people chime in with, “Me me me… I did it. what about me?” It’s cool that you’re acknowledging credit where it’s due. Thanks for the info.

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