Elliott Bay Book Panel a Raging Success (Raging?)

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Seattle Events

We had a nice crowd on hand tonight at the Elliott Bay Book Company on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.  They were treated to a panel of folks who have had something to say about this town’s music scene: Tom Price, Jack Endino, Leighton Beezer, and Rob Morgan.  I read some passages from Strangest Tribe and had the panelists comment on them…but mostly I just wanted to hear them talk.  Fortunately, that happened.

I think Rob pretty much stole the show when he told a story about not having a phone in his old U-District house…people could only reach him on the pay phone outside.  Somebody would walk by the house, the phone would ring, and then they’d knock on Rob’s door and say, “It’s for you.”  The audience went berserk.

The guys talked about everything from those early U-District punk days to the U-Men to the Thrown Ups to Devo.  You know it’s humorous when you hear the bookstore rep laughing even louder than the audience.

You could also tell that Jack, Tom, Leighton, and Rob genuinely like and respect each other.  That’s a really cool thing.

I also got to say hello to James Burdyshaw (Cat Butt, 64 Spiders), Jim Basnight (Meyce, Moberlys), Lee Lumsden (Meyce), Larry Reid, Paul Hood (Meyce/Enemy), Damon Titus (Enemy), Jim Lightfoot (one of the guys who put together punk shows at the Showbox back in the day), Laura Vanderpool (Capping Day), author Gillian Gaar…and I know I’m missing some people here, sorry.

I can’t express how much I appreciate the four panelists for coming in (and for everyone who showed up).  They did an incredible job and got the book’s message across: when it comes down to it, it’s really just about fun.  It’s just rock n roll.

I’ll have some pics and clips from this event up soon.


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