A Couple More Tidbits From the Elliott Bay Reading

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Seattle Events

First, from Senor Morgan.  Rob entertained the crowd with “back in the day” stories from his old U-District house, where the Ramones, Blondie, and the Tubes would come visit.  When Rob and his friends were bored (which was most of the time), they made up games (for you young kids, this was way before video games–even “Pong.”)  One of them was called “Jump On All the Metal Things.”

Rob describes it: “You’d hop down the street, going for those weird metal plates over meters and manhole covers and whatever, trying not to touch the actual pavement. Whoever touched the ground the least won.”

The crowd (and the bookstore rep) nearly peed their pants over that one.

During the Q&A portion, an audience member directed a question at Jack Endino.  She mentioned that “Dancing With the Stars” had apparently been featuring retro-’80s music recently, and she asked him if they would be doing grunge next.

“Dancing With the Stars” and Jack don’t exactly mix…it’s like me and Disney…they’re in a different universe.

One thing I do know about Jack is that he’s not exactly a remote-toting couch potato kind of guy…he works most of the time, and avoids TV like the plague.  So, I glanced over at him while she asked the question, stifling my laughter as I watched his facial expression turn to puzzlement.

He leaned forward to the mike, and said something like, ‘Is that a TV show?’

As Scott Boras would say, “Next question.”


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