Love Battery at The Mix, October 22, 2011

Posted: October 24, 2011 in My Seattle-Related Concert Experiences

My Seattle book launch week has ended. Wah.  Feeling sorry for myself (not really)…and no, Leighton, I’m not having a pity party for my 2008 broken glasses incident.  It’s a pity dinner party.

In any event, I decided to stay over the weekend for City Arts Fest to see the Fastbacks, the Cops, Built to Spill, Mudhoney, and Love Battery.  Things didn’t work out exactly as planned, however.  The Fastbacks canceled, I went to see the Duff McKagan memoir reading and missed the Cops (that’s a regret tale for another time), and found out Mudhoney and Love Battery were playing simultaneously.  That left Built to Spill and either Mudhoney or Love Battery, and I thus had to make a choice.  I couldn’t even dart between bands because Mudhoney was up on Capitol Hill while Love Battery played 20 minutes south in Georgetown.

I chose Love Battery because I figured I’d have less of a chance of seeing that band live again.  And I like them better anyway.  Mudhoney rocks, but Love Battery is much more melodic…to rip off eMpTy Records’ Blake Wright: “I’m a melody junkie.”

So I drove down to Georgetown.  I arrived at the Mix and chatted it up with the Thrown Ups’ Leighton Beezer and Love Battery’s Kevin Whitworth before the show, and waited out the two warm up bands.  Finally, LB took the stage.

Love Battery has had a number of personnel changes throughout their life, but guitarists Rod Rudzitis (aka Ron Nine) and Kevin have remained constants.  Tonight’s rhythm section consisted of Curt Eckman on bass and the Fags’ Ben Ireland on drums.

I have to admit I am becoming spoiled seeing great bands in small venues.  Even the Built to Spill show, which was at the 2,500 capacity Moore Theatre, even then I stood at the edge of the stage.  This time, I parked myself about 10 feet from Ron for a few songs, then went up to the balcony to take some shots…which I will post shortly.  I enjoyed much of this band’s material, but especially got into “Damaged” from 1992’s Dayglo and “Half Past You” from 1993’s Far Gone.

Kevin and Ron have this amazing interplay that jettisons the requisite musician egos.  The band does not have “lead/rhythm guitar” designated roles.  They just flow and play off each other–one thing to hear on record, quite another to watch live.  I also found myself staring at the drummer.  Ben can flat out play, and his sister (and fellow Fag) Barbara came to check him out.

All in all, the Love Battery show was a great way to put a period on this week, and to say farewell to Seattle.  For now.


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