Interview With Philly AV Club

Posted: October 25, 2011 in East Coast Media

Nice interview, but I have to clarify some things:

1) Sixth question.  I said, “Everett True,” not “Edward Shrew.”  Kinda funny, though.

2) Fourth question.  I said, “North End of Seattle,” not “North Seattle.”

3) Throughout.  The band “TAD” should be spelled all in caps.

4) Second question.  The reference to the U-Men not ‘making out of Seattle’ should not be taken literally, since they obviously toured around the country.

4) Seventh question.  I said Walter E. Gogh wrote a letter to the Rocket about his alleged death, not with a phone call.

5) Third question.  The “early punk scene” I’m referring to is a general reference…meaning that punk rock had so many rules…it’s not directed specifically at Seattle.

6) Same question.  Yeah, I know Soundgarden liked Bauhaus…again, not to be taken literally.,63874/

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