Dave O’Leary’s “Horse Bite”

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Reviews of Other Seattle-Themed Books

Just finished reading Seattle author Dave O’Leary’s new book: Horse Bite.  I met O’Leary at my Seattle book launch party back in October.

On its surface, Horse Bite appears to be about a lonely man looking for love, but the book delves into much deeper territory.  O’Leary’s novel touches on something we all need in this life: a fierce desire for permanence.  As the reader follows the main character (Dave) from coffee shop to coffee shop, from bar to bar, we begin to understand his real passion.  As a musician who has a way with women, Dave can get laid whenever he wants…but it’s getting boring.  Instead he wants to communicate with the cosmos through his music, his writing, and hopefully lasting love…he needs to connect and become a permanent fixture.  So, yeah, Horse Bite is not just a love story.

I am normally not a fiction reader, but I found myself totally engrossed, page after page…wondering about the final conclusion, wondering if Dave will find what he’s truly after.  The writing is crisp, sophisticated, and clever.  When I finished, I found my emotions had run the gamut: joy, pain, sadness, longing, wonder.  O’Leary has done a masterful job touching on a theme we can all relate to.

Stephen Tow

December 1, 2011


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