FB Message from Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Offbeat Seattle-Related Music Stories

(January 4, 2011)…my comments are bolded and in brackets

Please give a nod to three important bands that i looked up to back then playing at lake hills [the Bellevue, WA roller rink hosting metal shows in the ’80s]: The Trids (who had the balls to introduce genuine glam rock in a full leather, motley crue scene), i mean they were 14 years old in private boarding schools and wearing trashy thrift store bought attire for every show), it threatened the machismo heads at lake hills that one night they were being bombed with m-80’s and didn’t miss a note [M-80 story recounted in the book by Trids drummer Duff Drew]. mainly covers like [the New York] Dolls, and Ramones but best songs were their originals. like Lill ET, their “hit” you could get more info from rob or [Shadow’s] mike mccready in PJ because they did several shows with Shadow and Overlord. Ironically or not, Dario Scardapani (Trids guitarist) moved to Hollywood and is now he writer, director, producer of CBS’s TRAUMA in prime time. You can find any Trid in my friends list or others…
Onto Shadow: They were the ultimate rock n roll band at lake hills with not just the look, the attitude to back it up and sense of humor. McCready and Newcomb were writing great riffs already, incredible stuff for back then and is timeless today really.
Overlord: was the daddy we all looked up to them, mixing this unpolished, do what we want sound, who gives a fuck how drunk we are Rock. Alice cooper meets the best of blues with this amazing nasally singer, just worked so damn well. [Note: Overlord and the Trids would morph into My Eye, one of the early urban grunge bands.]
Thats all i want to contribute on those bands that deserve a nod in your 80’s eastside metal scene (BTW: NONE OF mentioned bands lived on Eastside) [Note: the Eastside sits across Lake Washington from Seattle, and includes towns like Bellevue, Kirkland, and Bothell and would contribute to such bands as: Mr. Epp and the Calculations, Mudhoney, and the Posies.  Bothell also gave us photographer Charles Peterson.]
Good luck Stephen Tow

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