Some Random Mudhoney References

Posted: December 12, 2011 in The Rocket

from Seattle’s Rocket, by request:

“Most of this grunge stuff–for which Seattle has been notorious since the Sonics–is, for me, an object of alien curiosity in the same way rappers Public Enemy and Ice-T fascinate.  There is an undeniable force driving Mudhoney and Public Enemy, a clean, pure volcanic rage which I no longer share.  Rappers have transparent reasons for their displeasure with society, but what drives skinny white kids to this level of sincerity?  The Sex Pistols came with a political ethos and the slam pit became a metaphor for struggle in the English slums.  The famous Seattle grunge is still about sex and good times, and slamming here is a ten-year-old borrowed tradition that seems an empty gesture today.

“…“Touch Me I’m Sick”…comes with an approximation of a hook, but on any terms this is one hell of an opening salvo.  Kudos to producer Jack Endino for managing to so cleanly capture all of Mudhoney’s sound on this brown-colored single.”

Grant Alden, review of Mudhoney’s “Touch Me I’m Sick,” from the October 1988 issue.

“…Superfuzz offers six competent garage grunge things (not songs; more like brief, somewhat sophomoric essays on the art of noise), that seem dull and whining compared to [Touch Me I’m Sick’s] ragged, nasty edge….I had hoped for more.”

Grant Alden, review of Mudhoney’s Superfuzz Bigmuff, from the November 1988 issue.

Selected Top Northwest Records of All Time

#1) “Louie Louie,” the Kingsmen.

#2) Here Are the Sonics, the Sonics.

#4) Dreamboat Annie, Heart.

#6) Sub Pop 200.

#16) “Touch Me I’m Sick,” Mudhoney.

#27) Dry As A Bone, Green River.

Compiled by the Rocket staff for the October 1989 issue.


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