Mudhoney IN Backlash…

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Backlash, Backfire

to satisfy two requests at the same time…

“Mark [Arm, during his Green River days] was also legendary for his stupendous stage leaps, like the time he earned a perfect ten for ruining the evening of a couple at the old Rainbow Tavern, who could have sworn they were out of his range until he landed in the middle of their table like a heat-seeking missle.”

James Bush, from the December 1988 issue.

“I imagine Mark Arm having a dream about Iggy Pop.  This in itself is nothing unusual.  It seems like everyone on the ‘heavy’ side of the fence has been visited nocturnally by the Ig’s spirit.  In this particular dream, however, Iggy’s trying to beat Jimmy Page down with a Les Paul while the Sonics and Husker Du compete in a U.W. ‘Battle of the Bands.’  Arm sits bolt upright and screams ‘Eureka!'”

Michael Cox review of Mudhoney’s Superfuzz Bigmuff, from the November 1988 issue.

Alice in Chains, Flop, Slam Suzzanne, Gas Huffer, Dickless, Red Dress, Young Fresh Fellows, Terry Lee Hale (some artists playing the Central in June 1990)

Gas Huffer, Treepeople, Gits (some artists playing he Squid Row in June 1990)

From the June 1990 issue.

Live Skull, Mother Love Bone (some artists playing the Central in December 1988)

Chemistry Set, Vexed, Amy Denio, Pure Joy, Girl Trouble, Crypt Kicker 5 (some artists playing the Squid Row in November 1988)

From the November 1988 issue.

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