Random Seattle Record Reviews (First of a series…how exciting, I know)

Posted: December 16, 2011 in The Rocket

From the Rocket…

Skin Yard, Hallowed Ground (from the February 1989 issue)

Hallowed Ground is a strong, uncompromising album that proves that intelligence and sludge can mutually co-exist.  Skin Yard fits neatly into no convenient musical category.  I’m sure the band likes it that way.” (Robert Allen)

Nirvana, Bleach (July 1989)

“Nirvana careens from one end of the thrash spectrum to the other, giving a nod towards garage grunge, alternative noise, and hell-raising metal without swearing allegiance to any of them.” (Gillian G. Gaar)

Green River, Rehab Doll (June 1988)

“Like the aftermath of a police raid on Alki, this eight-song goodie peals out in several directions at once.  It’s a refreshing, multiple-injury approach to the doomy tunes that local noise addicts have been forced to love.” (Andrea Vitalich)

Terry Lee Hale, Fools Like Me (June 1988)

“Hale describes his music as ‘modern acoustic,’ a term that implies the use of the acoustic guitar as a percussion instrument….This tape takes chances; some folks who have seen Hale perform these songs solo live might be thrown by the arrangements.  This is a first class effort worthy of an audience.  I hope it finds one.” (Robert Allen)

Sub Pop 200 (December 1988)

“Called the ‘ultimate document of the scene’ by its creators, Sub Pop 200 is a stylish box set of three EPs accompanied by a booklet filled with photos and data.  The vinyl itself not only holds contributions from Sub Pop stablemates like TAD, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden (before their departure for the majors), but a whole slew of acts that record for other labels: the Walkabouts, Fastbacks, and Screaming Trees, to name a few.  And not only is there diversity apparent in the choice of bands, it’s highlighted by the type of material the bands choose to perform.” (Gillian G. Gaar)

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