Today’s Reading/Signing at Siren Records

Posted: December 17, 2011 in East Coast Events

Earlier today I held court about the weirdness that is Seattle, at Siren Records– Doylestown, PA’s independent music store.  Joining me was my beautiful wife Irisa, client Amber and friend, neighbors Mark and Anita, old softball buddy Johnny Mac, and fellow music geek Jeff.

Siren’s a cool place…they sell new and used CDs, as well as a ton of vinyl.  Blair, the owner, set up a table where I could sign some books and hook up speakers to play music and interview excerpts.  He also graciously fed me, which helped since this was a 1 to 3 pm deal. (Note, all photos taken by Irisa.)

As always, I had a great time sharing Seattle stories like the notorious “Lexicon of Grunge” hoax, the U-Men Bumbershoot flaming moat incident, the seminal Deep Six compilation, and Seattle’s bewilderment about the Nirvana explosion.  I also played audio clips of Mark Arm talking about Mr. Epp, and Rob Morgan discussing his use of a Cabbage Patch doll named Baby Cheevers during Squirrels performances.

Fortunately, the store was quite busy and a number of customers stopped to listen while I mentioned nuggets like Sub Pop’s phony back story about TAD’s logger background (including an exchange in the fanzine Backlash whereby bassist [and college kid] Kurt Danielson told editor Dawn Anderson about how the band hunted game for food—with Anderson all the while knowing the whole thing was a joke); about the Young Fresh Fellows donning wigs, calling themselves Ernest Anyway & the Mighty Mighty Squirrels, and opening a show for themselves.

Afterwards, I signed some books, including a few for Chloe, a Siren employee and former student in my rock n roll history class.  She talked about a paper she wrote on T. Rex’s Marc Bolan, and how she enjoyed “homework assignments” like listening to Pink Floyd.

I also chatted at length with Johnny Mac, who is a huge Guided By Voices fan.  He told me GBV has reformed with their original ’90s lineup.  It’s funny.  I wrote my book with people like John in mind, and I’ll tell you why…he casually mentioned he’d been listening to the U-Men on his way over.

Finally, I sat down with Jeff and talked about the mid-’80s, a time when Seattle’s deep underground scene began to get going.  Jeff was into the Replacements back then…and thus he’s another person I wrote the book for.

I want to thank Siren Records for having me, as well as everyone who came out.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did.


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