Yesterday’s signing at the Jenkintown, PA B&N

Posted: December 24, 2011 in East Coast Events

So, they put me at the front of the store, and I got to greet Christmas customers with my Seattle signage.  My daughter joined me for what was supposed to be a 1 to 3 event.  The manager said I could stay longer, though, and so we did.

It was great hanging out with my daughter…reminded me of the “Daddy/Daughter perfect day at the Phillies” we had last year.  We ended up staying for over five hours, and she had a blast…and even signed books:

My in-laws stopped by and said hello, and offered to bring my daughter back early, but she wanted to stay.  So cool.

Probably my favorite customer interaction was with a guy named Rhasche (forgive me if I screwed up the spelling).  He came from the DC hardcore scene, and was a big fan of Bad Brains.  We may end up having a beer sometime.

The store manager and I talked about doing a reading in January, and I may also have events next month at Doylestown’s Siren Records and Manayunk’s Main Street Music.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, everyone have a Merry Christmas.


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