Pick Your Favorite Book Quote

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Seattle-Related Lists

Some of my favorites…

1) “I’d be happy to not be credited with inventing grunge.” — Tom Price, the U-Men.

2) “They were definitely, um…oh God, there are no words.” — Dawn Anderson describing the U-Men.

3) “OK, fuck you, dude.  Here you go.  Here’s your ‘Free Bird!'” — Rob Skinner, Coffin Break, discussing how the band approached inevitable audience requests for the Skynyrd classic.

4) “Let’s just call it ‘the Bird.’  You know, [as in] Fuck you!  Perfect!” — Neil Hubbard describing the naming of Seattle’s first punk rock club.

5) “When you put Black Sabbath next to Abba, that would be called a train wreck.  That’s the kind of stuff I love.  I love train wreck radio.” — John Foster of KAOS.

6) “You ever see that movie Dazed and Confused?  Ah, that was Edmonds [Washington].  That was pretty much my high school experience–give or take the jocks chasing you around.” — Rob Morgan, the Squirrels.

7) “If you went to a Bopo [Boys] party, there was always a point at about three o’clock in the morning, when somebody would put on Black Sabbath, and everybody would start fighting.” — Max Godsil of My Eye, talking about the Bopo Boys, Seattle’s notorious skate gang .

8) “Green River was really a genius name, because if you were in Seattle and you knew about what it meant, then it was just shockingly callous.  If you were outside of Seattle, you thought they were a Creedence cover band.” — Leighton Beezer, the Thrown Ups, discussing Green River’s decision to name their band after a serial killer.

9) “I was living on nothing–living on chicken livers, for crying out loud.  I’m not joking.  I don’t know what I was thinking.” — Jack Endino, Skin Yard.

10) “Just ’cause the Monkees didn’t actually show their bong on TV didn’t mean they didn’t have one.” — Scott Vanderpool, Chemistry Set.

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