Last Night’s Reading at Manayunk’s Main Street Music

Posted: March 3, 2012 in East Coast Events

These things are always fun…especially when they’re at an independent record store like Main Street Music.  They have a great selection of new and used vinyl and CDs…all at reasonable prices.

Prior to the event, MSM’s Jamie asked if she could order some relevant CDs ahead of time.  I suggested a few folks, and then when I got there I noticed they had–in addition to Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney–Gas Huffer, the Young Fresh Fellows, and, and…the Monkeywrench!  For those not familiar with the last band, the Monkeywrench was one of those Seattle super-group side project things featuring the U-Men’s Tom Price and Mark and Steve from Mudhoney.  I was proud…and one of my friends bought a copy at my urging.

Some friends and patrons watched as I did my Seattle schtick…nothing too outlandish, although this time I remembered to read the excerpt on the Thrown Ups’ “Dirtiest Band in the World” show at the Central.

I want to thank MSM’s Pat and Jamie for hosting the event as well as Lucky’s for contributing beers…and thanks to the folks who stopped by.


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