Squirrels Practice, April 27, 2012

Posted: April 28, 2012 in My Seattle-Related Concert Experiences

Sorry about the long delay between posts…I’ve been, you know, “busy” (gee, that excuse isn’t overused or anything.)

Anyway, I arrived in Seattle late Thursday, getting ready for the Squirrels/Young Fresh Fellows/Roy Loney show tonight.  My friend Rob Morgan, who of course fronts the Squirrels, invited me to a practice session last night…and yeah, I have to use the word “amazing” to describe it.

I’ve never been to anything like that before, I mean, I’ve been to jam sessions, but never to a rehearsal per se.  It felt like my own private show.

I picked up Rob in Ballard and drove him to the practice space in Fremont, where the rest of the Squirrels awaited.  This version of the band, called the Mighty Mighty Squirrels, has not played together–literally–since 1984.  At that time, the Squirrels consisted of Rob fronting the Young Fresh Fellows.  (Within six months, Rob formed his own version of the Squirrels.)

So to introduce last night’s players…we have: Rob Morgan, singer and front man; Scott McCaughey, bass; Chuck Carroll, guitar and keyboards; Jim Sangster, guitar; and Tad Hutchison, drums.

As a bad semi-musician, it’s amazing for me to watch real players interact.  It seemed so effortless as they worked through various versions of covers.  The band would play through a song, and then someone would offer a suggestion…Tad might want to change his drum intro, or add a roll or something; Jim might defer to Chuck to add a solo; Rob might come up with a different finale; Scott might suggest Chuck play a different keyboard part.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to watch musicians work together like that.  For not having played together–as the Squirrels, anyway–for over 25 years, it felt so comfortable.  And they laughed and enjoyed themselves the entire time.

I got Tad, Scott, Chuck, and Jim to sign my book (Rob autographed it last fall), and then I began taking photos…and they’re coming up shortly!


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