Book Signing, Sonic Boom Records, Ballard, 4/28/12

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Seattle Events

So apparently the Seattle Weekly had a blurb about my signing yesterday, where it mentioned Scott McCaughey accompanying me with an acoustic set, but had nothing about the show later that evening where he would play with the Squirrels, Young Fresh Fellows, and Roy Loney.  Weird.

In any event, we had a good crowd over at Sonic Boom last night.  (Note: in addition to the Fellows and Squirrels, Scott has been in R.E.M, the Minus 5, the Baseball Project, Tired Pony, and others.  He has been on Letterman with his various bands so, needless to say, I was extremely fortunate he agreed to play.)

The Squirrels’ Rob Morgan joined Scott for the opening number (“I’ll Never Get Over You” by Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, I believe.)  Following that, Scott played some Fellows songs, including an acoustic version of “Rock n Roll Pest Control” (one of my faves.)  After mixing in a new Minus 5 number, he took requests.  I of course yelled out for “Amy Grant,” and Scott happily obliged. (If you haven’t yet heard “Amy Grant,” find it and listen to it NOW.)

Attendees included the Thrown Ups’ Leighton Beezer, 3 Swimmers’ George Romansic, and the Squirrels’ Kevin Crosby.  The signing became the perfect prelude to the show to follow. (Pics of the signing coming up, as well as of the Fellows/Squirrels/Loney show.)

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