Updated Book Autographs

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Seattle Events

Signers, Left Page: James Burdyshaw (64 Spiders); Kevin Crosby (Squirrels); Jeff Gilbert (metal writer); John Leighton Beezer (Thrown Ups); Jim Sorenson (shirt designer); John Conte (Living); Scott Schickler (Swallow); Joey Kline (Squirrels); Carla Torgerson (Walkabouts); Martin Bland (Tom Price Desert Classic).

Signers, Right Page: Rob Morgan (Squirrels); Glenn Slater (Walkabouts); Tom Price (U-Men); Tad Hutchison (Young Fresh Fellows); Joe Kilbourne (TPDC); Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows); Scott Vanderpool (Room Nine); Chuck Carroll (Young Fresh Fellows); Jane Brownson aka Jane Fag (Fags); Jack Endino (producer); George Romansic (3 Swimmers); Larry Reid (art gallery proprietor); Duff Drew (My Eye);  Jim Sangster (Young Fresh Fellows).


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