Seattle Musicians I’ve Had the Privilege to Meet

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Offbeat Seattle-Related Music Stories

I’m killing time here until I put together my post on the Walkabouts…I was thinking about the Seattle music folks I’ve actually met.  I live near Philadelphia, and conducted most of the book-related interviews over the phone, but I made it a point to meet as many people as possible during my trips to Seattle.  So, (insert Michael Scott drumroll please), here are folks I’ve met in person…most of whom I also interviewed:

Dawn Anderson, Mark Arm, Jim Basnight, Leighton Beezer, Kurt Bloch, Jane Brownson, Paul Burback, James Burdyshaw, Chad Channing, Art Chantry, John Conte, Chris Crass, Kevin Crosby, Charles R. Cross, Duff Drew, Tom Dyer, Jack Endino, Five, Steve Fisk, Gillian Gaar, Jeff Gilbert, Greg Gilmore, Stone Gossard, Chris Hanzsek, Paul Hood, Daniel House, Tad Hutchison, Ben Ireland, Justine Jeanotte, Jeff Kelly, Joey Kline, Jamie Lane, Michael Laton, Lee Lumsden, Scott McCaughey, Scott McCullum, Maire Masco, Lance Mercer, Andy Miller, Rod Moody, Rob Morgan, Mike Musburger, Dave O’Leary, Bruce Pavitt, Dan Peters, Mark Pickerel, Jonathan Poneman, Tom Price, Chris Pugh, Larry Reid, George Romansic, Jim Sangster, Scott Schickler, Jeff Smith, Glenn Slater, Ben Thompson, Jim Tillman, Damon Titus, Carla Torgerson, Dan Trager, Steve Turner, Conrad Uno, Scott Vanderpool, Kim Warnick, Laura Weller-Vanderpool, Dennis White, Kevin Whitworth.

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