Seattle Bands I’ve Seen Live

Posted: July 29, 2012 in My Seattle-Related Concert Experiences

(Yep, just stalling for time here until I find something more substantive to write about…)

-The Tom Price Desert Classic


-Green River

-The Baseball Project


-Wellwater Conspiracy

-Built to Spill (Yeah, I know Doug’s from Idaho, but I’m counting them)

-The Squirrels

-The Fags

-The Spooges

-The Young Fresh Fellows

-Empire Vista

-Unnamed Leighton Beezer collective

-Love Battery


-The Fastbacks

-Thee Sgt. Major III

-Robert Roth

-Coffin Break


-Capping Day

-Down With People

-Walkabouts/Beezer jam session

-The Cops

-The GUM


-The Guardians


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