Seattle Grunge Rock Class agenda, Tuesday, 8/28

Posted: August 25, 2012 in The Strangest Tribe: the College Course

Tuesday, August 28

Topic: Tracing backward from the “grunge phenomenon.”

Reading: Tow, Introduction; pages 223-229 (I’ll go over in class since you won’t have the book yet.)

Quiz: “Which Seattle Band Are You?” at

Musical Selections: Nirvana: “Blew,” “Lithium,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit; [Note: you should watch the Teen Spirit video, then immediately afterward check out Weird Al’s parody, “Smells Like Nirvana.”] Pearl Jam: “Alive,” “Black;” Soundgarden: “Hunted Down,” “Outshined,” “Black Hole Sun;” Alice in Chains: “Them Bones,” “Brother;” Mudhoney: “Fuzzgun ’91;” Screaming Trees: “Nearly Lost You;” Love Battery: “Foot.” Feel free to listen to anything else from Nirvana’s Bleach or Nevermind; Soundgarden’s Screaming Life, Badmotorfinger,or Superunknown; Alice in Chains’ Dirt, Sap, or Jar of Flies.

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