Student Presentations: Seattle Grunge Rock Class

Posted: September 2, 2012 in The Strangest Tribe: the College Course, Uncategorized

Here’s the assignment:

Presentation (30% of grade)

You will individually prepare and present on a music scene not covered in either my book or Michael Azerrad’s Our Band Could Be Your Life.  You may pick a scene from any point in time, but you must email me as soon as possible for my approval.  If a scene is chosen more than once, the first emailer will get it.  I will notify the other student to make another selection.

Your presentation will be 5 – 10 minutes in length.  You will describe the scene, in terms of its bands, musical styles, and culture, and will cover significant bands and influences to other bands that came out of that city.  You may use whatever presentation media/approaches you’d like including actively engaging discussion, power point, Youtube, whatever…bring in your guitar and play if you want to—just make it compelling.

Here are the chosen scenes so far:


Blues/rock 1960s; Punk 1970s


1950s/early 1960s…some popular band came from there…I’ve heard

San Francisco

Psych 1960s

Providence, RI

Alt rock


Blues 1940s/1950s

Los Angeles

Female bands, 1970s; Hair metal, 1970s/1980s

Orange County, CA

Ska 1990s


Country 1950s/1980s


Visual Kei


Emo/hardcore 1990s

New York City

Jazz 1920s


Motown, 1960s/1970s


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