Seattle Rock Class Agenda, Tuesday, October 23

Posted: October 20, 2012 in The Strangest Tribe: the College Course

Our next “appreciating the under-appreciated” class…

Tuesday, October 23

Topic: Appreciating the under-appreciated: Red Dress and Jack Endino.

Special Guest: Red Dress’ Gary Minkler (along with Chinas Comidas’ Rich Riggins) via Skype.

Music: Red Dress: “Bob Is A Robot (find the live performance link below)” “Pterodactyl Teenagers,” “Money Dream;” Jack Endino: “Folks, Let’s Nebulate,” “Count Me Out,” “Flight of the Wax Tadpole.”

Red Dress Live Performance:

Blog: “Red Dress” (all six installments)

Gary Minkler

Since 1977, Gary has been the front man for Red Dress, Seattle’s most unique band.  Red Dress combines elements of rock, R&B, and the avant-garde.  Producer Conrad Uno describes their sound as Captain Beefheart meets James Brown.

Rich Riggins

Rich and Gary hatched Red Dress, but Rich moved into a more punk rock meets Patti Smith direction when he formed Chinas Comidas with Cynthia Genser.

(Red Dress)

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