Seattle Rock n Roll Weekend, 2013 (Day 2)

Posted: February 9, 2013 in My Seattle-Related Concert Experiences

Day Two was pretty relaxed, which is a good thing since I am still kind of wiped out from Day One (yeah, I’m old.) I chilled with Rob Morgan for a while at his house, watching a Darkness show he burned to DVD (Rob’s kind of a little bit of a Darkness fan…picture AC/DC meets Alice Cooper meets Queen meets who knows.)

Then, breakfast with Jack Endino and Leighton Beezer at Ballard’s legendary Vera’s. I usually check in with these guys on my Seattle trips, but I’ve never hung with both of them at the same time. Heard some funny Screaming Trees stories from Jack, while Leighton was hysterical just being Leighton.

After breakfast, I made my usual stop at Ballard’s Sonic Boom Records, picking up a Walking Papers CD (features Barrett Martin from the Trees/Skin Yard/Mad Season plus Duff McKagan from Guns N Roses.)

Later that day, I met up with friends Dave O’Leary (author of Horse Bite) and Clint Brownlee for happy hours. It’s always good to hang with those dudes and talk music. Clint’s been writing, while Dave’s spending time playing bass in Sightseer, a band which has been getting positive pub around Seattle. (Dave mentioned a hysterical Onion story about a groupie mistakenly sleeping with a bass player…I’ll have to check that out.) Then, it was time to check out the GUM at Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline with my host, Rob.

The opening act killed me…the Guardians, featuring the one and only Lee Lumsden.  Don’t know Lee? You should, if you have any interest in Seattle music. Along with a handful of folks like Jim Basnight, Neil Hubbard, and Rob Morgan, Lee essentially created the Seattle music scene out of thin air in the mid-’70s.

Rob had told me just how nervous Lee was before this performance, his first ever as a front man. (Lee drummed for the Meyce back in the day, a band that played some of Seattle’s earliest punk rock shows.) You’d never know it from watching Lee perform, though. He seemed totally comfortable and in the moment on stage. And the songs! That dude can write. Great hooks, and creative. I wish they could have played longer. Fortunately, Rob’s band followed. (Below, Lee Lumsden fronts the Guardians.)


The GUM nailed it as usual, playing a variety of covers…some well-known, some more obscure, as well some mash-ups (Rob calls them “mudleys.”) Sporting a jacket and bow tie, Rob held the audience in his hand, and proceeded to entertain us. Everyone had a good time. (Below, Rob Morgan and the GUM.)


I ended up chatting with a few folks during and after the show, notably Lee, Kyle Nixon (no making out this time…we’re just friends), Scott the soundman, the GUM’s Rod Moody, and some other folks who said nice things about my book. It’s always a cool thing to find out your work has touched someone.

So, yeah, a pretty mellow, but fun day overall…looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll be taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island to meet up with the members of Before Cars. I’m working on a feature about that band, as they have a new record coming out in a couple of weeks. BC features former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing.

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