Seattle Rock n Roll Weekend, 2013 (Day 3)

Posted: February 11, 2013 in My Seattle-Related Concert Experiences

(It’s funny. People seem to think these trips are all about partying with the bands. It’s actually relatively low key for the most part. Fun, but low key.)

The morning was pretty relaxing, and then I headed over to the Bainbridge Island ferry to meet up with Before Cars. I’m writing a feature about this band, since they have a new record out in a couple of weeks called How We Run. Unlike most groups, where you can just match the players to their respective instruments, BC presents a bit of a challenge, because the musicians play a variety of them… acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, violin, keyboards, mandolin, and ukulele (I think that covers it, although there may be a recorder in there somewhere.) I had interviewed one BC member several years ago, Chad Channing, for my book since he was in this band you may have heard of (hint: it starts with an N and ends with an irvana.) Also in Before Cars: Paul Burback, Justine Jeanotte, and Andy Miller. (Below: taking the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.)


I’d never been to Bainbridge (referred to as “Brain Damage” by one person whom I will not identify), so taking the ferry there would be a treat. It’s pretty cool. You can drive or walk on (I drove), and then you relax for about a half hour crossing. I met the band in a cool little town called Winslow and we ventured over to Hale’s brewpub.

What a great group of people! We chatted over lunch and beers, and they all agreed with me that humankind’s greatest inventions are the brewpub and bread. Afterward, we wandered over to a coffee place (this is Seattle, after all) and talked some more about the new record and upcoming tour plans. I’ll get into specifics in my upcoming feature. (Below, hanging with Before Cars…from left: Senor Dorkinger, Chad Channing, Andy Miller, Paul Burback, Justine Jeanotte.)

Before Cars

After taking the ferry back to Rob’s house in Ballard, I realized I was in no shape to go out that evening. I had planned to head over to Capitol Hill to see a Rod Moody-recommended band called Atomic Bride. I felt so rundown, though…I never really recovered from that first day. So, I camped out on Rob’s couch and we watched great old-bad movies. He had found one called Don’t Knock the Rock or something. Bill Haley was in it. The whole premise revolved around a battle over how rock n roll had been corrupting ’50s youth. Some of the lines were like: “Gee, Mrs. Jeepers, you don’t have to be sore with us rock n rollers. Us kids just want to have a swell time.” It was great.

I fell asleep on the couch, and opened my eyes at 5 am, packed up and left. Rob was still sleeping, so I figured I’d message him good-bye and thanks and stuff. As I got into my car and started up the engine, Rob came frantically running out of the house wearing his Charlie Brown t-shirt to wish me off.

You see why I like these people? So long, Seattle.

UPDATE: Why Rob Morgan is my hero…

We’re hanging out watching TV, and Rob has a giant hole in his sock with his big toe sticking out. He looks at his toe says, “Ah, trying to escape, are you? Dumb shit. You’re attached to my foot.”


  1. Marie says:

    You lucky twit! 🙂

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