Seattle 2015, Day 1

Posted: April 12, 2015 in My Seattle-Related Concert Experiences

Finally made it back to Seattle after a two-year hiatus. This trip, so far, has been an absolute whirlwind…fortunately, today is a kick-back chill kind of day, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to reflect.

Day 1, Thursday, April 9

The day began at 8 am East Coast time for me, where I did a phone interview with a member of the Pentangle who resides in London.

A couple hours later, I drove up to the college where I teach, now known as Delaware Valley University (Two days previously, it had been Delaware Valley College. I instantly became a better professor due to the status change.)

After discussing Richard Nixon with my two classes, I drove to the airport and flew to Seattle. I did the obligatory stop off at the Sub Pop shop at SEA-TAC airport and checked into a B&B on Capitol Hill. I then headed down, on foot, to a tiny bar on Eastlake called the Victory Lounge. I had discovered that Kinski, my latest Seattle band crush, was playing there.

After a few songs by an opening act, Kinski took the stage and proceeded to blow the roof off the place (well, not literally, it’s a clichéd rock writer expression.) It’s pretty cool to watch one of your favorite bands play from five feet away (and, yeah, earplugs are a necessity.) I don’t know how to describe these folks, but picture going to a Black Sabbath concert, and then finding out they play in odd time signatures and alternate tunings. In other words, if Black Sabbath and Sonic Youth had a baby, it might be Kinski. Oh, and one of the guitarists also plays flute and the bass player occasionally uses a bow. And they completely rock out.

After the last song, I turned to a stranger next to me, and told him just how flat out great this band is. He agreed, and I noticed he spoke with an English accent. Turns out he is from London. So, in a way, my day began and ended in London.

Kinski 4

[Kinski. From left, Chris Martin (guitar/vocals), Lucy Atkinson (bass), Barrett Wilke (drums), Matthew Reid-Schwartz (guitar/flute.)]

After Kinski finished up, I headed back to my room…and if you don’t know anything about Seattle, Capitol Hill sits on a hill (hence the name, duh) and well…let’s just say the walk back was a good workout. My head hit the pillow at 1:30 am PT, or 4:30 ET. So after a 22 hour day, I drifted off to sleep to rest up for a full day on Friday.

Kinski 6???????????????????????????????

  1. Jan Lackie says:

    yay, this is great!!! thanks for reinstituting the strangest tribe blog!



  2. Jan Lackie says:

    this is great!! glad to see more Strangest Tribe blogging. 🙂

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