Seattle 2015: Day 3, Part II (otherwise known as Cat Day, Part II)

Posted: April 17, 2015 in My Seattle-Related Concert Experiences

Saturday would finish on a high note, with a trip up to Kingston to watch Before Cars play…the previous night I hung out with them at the Malfunkshun show. I headed up to Edmonds (Rob Morgan’s hometown [yay]) to catch the ferry over (it’s fun taking the ferry…try it sometime), and met the BC people at a bar called the Filling Station.

Before Cars is Chad Channing on guitar/bass, Paul Burback, also on guitar, Justine Jeanotte on violin and keyboards, and Andy Miller on percussion. What is their music like? Hmmm…I think Chad describes Before Cars as “alternative folk.” I would say they’re folky, but they also draw from the ’70s singer-songwriter genre as well. Justine’s presence also adds to the band’s musical palette as well as the overall talent level. I think their music fits the West Coast vibe well.

The previous evening, during the trip up to the Malfunkshun show, Paul made me laugh hysterically when he mentioned one of his friend’s throwaway lines: “Well, you know what they say…” Apparently, his friend, after chatting with a convenience store clerk or whomever, would say, “Well, you know what they say…” and then head out the door, leaving the cashier hanging. For some reason, I found that hysterically funny…and now of course I will have to borrow that line, with the added benefit of annoying my wife and daughter. (I can picture an updated Monty Python skit based around this scenario, with the clerk frantically googling the term on his phone to find out what they actually do say.)

After some food and beers, BC friend Derek Burns played, with Chad on drums and Paul on bass. I took some photos and enjoyed what I hoped would be a long evening. Once again, however, there was a problem…you guess it–cats were involved. Paul and Justine had offered to have me stay over so I didn’t have to worry about the ferry schedule. They of course have cats, so…I would have to catch the 11:05 back to Edmonds.

Derek, Chad, and Paul 1

After Derek’s set, Before Cars did a sound check and then relaxed before taking the stage. I think it was about 10:20, when someone said, “You know, Steve has to leave in half an hour.” So the band was like, “Ok, I guess we’ll play then.” (Gotta love that West Coast thing.)

Before Cars offered up mostly new material, throwing in “Catch You When You Fall” from 2013’s excellent How We Run. ( I found their set perfectly matched my mood…it was relaxing and allowed me to savor the moment. Again, it’s a pretty cool thing to experience one of your favorite bands from a few feet away.

Before Cars 5

[Before Cars. From left, Chad, Andy, Justine, Paul.]

At about 11, I said my good-byes and took off for the last boat back to Edmonds. I was asleep by midnight…an early bedtime for this trip.


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