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Updated Book Autographs

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Seattle Events

Signers, Left Page: James Burdyshaw (64 Spiders); Kevin Crosby (Squirrels); Jeff Gilbert (metal writer); John Leighton Beezer (Thrown Ups); Jim Sorenson (shirt designer); John Conte (Living); Scott Schickler (Swallow); Joey Kline (Squirrels); Carla Torgerson (Walkabouts); Martin Bland (Tom Price Desert Classic).

Signers, Right Page: Rob Morgan (Squirrels); Glenn Slater (Walkabouts); Tom Price (U-Men); Tad Hutchison (Young Fresh Fellows); Joe Kilbourne (TPDC); Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows); Scott Vanderpool (Room Nine); Chuck Carroll (Young Fresh Fellows); Jane Brownson aka Jane Fag (Fags); Jack Endino (producer); George Romansic (3 Swimmers); Larry Reid (art gallery proprietor); Duff Drew (My Eye);  Jim Sangster (Young Fresh Fellows).

Pics From Signing, 4/28/12

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Seattle Events

(Rob Morgan and Matt Brown)

(Rob and Scott McCaughey)

(Scott with Leighton Beezer in the foreground)

(Scott and some poser wearing a Pudz t-shirt)

So apparently the Seattle Weekly had a blurb about my signing yesterday, where it mentioned Scott McCaughey accompanying me with an acoustic set, but had nothing about the show later that evening where he would play with the Squirrels, Young Fresh Fellows, and Roy Loney.  Weird.

In any event, we had a good crowd over at Sonic Boom last night.  (Note: in addition to the Fellows and Squirrels, Scott has been in R.E.M, the Minus 5, the Baseball Project, Tired Pony, and others.  He has been on Letterman with his various bands so, needless to say, I was extremely fortunate he agreed to play.)

The Squirrels’ Rob Morgan joined Scott for the opening number (“I’ll Never Get Over You” by Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, I believe.)  Following that, Scott played some Fellows songs, including an acoustic version of “Rock n Roll Pest Control” (one of my faves.)  After mixing in a new Minus 5 number, he took requests.  I of course yelled out for “Amy Grant,” and Scott happily obliged. (If you haven’t yet heard “Amy Grant,” find it and listen to it NOW.)

Attendees included the Thrown Ups’ Leighton Beezer, 3 Swimmers’ George Romansic, and the Squirrels’ Kevin Crosby.  The signing became the perfect prelude to the show to follow. (Pics of the signing coming up, as well as of the Fellows/Squirrels/Loney show.)

Seattle Signing Event Update

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Seattle Events

Some exciting news.  Instead of the usual boring routine where I tell you how great my book is, Scott McCaughey will accompany us with an acoustic set.  He may be joined by other members of the Young Fresh Fellows and/or Squirrels.  The time and date have changed to accomodate this performance.  Needless to say, I’m pumped.

Location: Sonic Boom Records, in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood

When: Saturday, April 28, 5 pm

What: Scott plays, I sign books.  Maybe I read some?

New Seattle Signing Event!

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Seattle Events

Where: Sonic Boom Records, Ballard

When: Sunday, April 29, 3 pm

Why: I will have seen the Squirrels and the Young Fresh Fellows play the Sunset the night before, and I will need to stay happy.

Signed the night of my book launch party, October 18, 2011, at Jeff Gilbert’s Feedback Lounge, West Seattle.

Signed by the U-Men’s Tom Price, along with the other members of the Tom Price Desert Classic, Rob Morgan (Pudz/Squirrels), T-shirt designer Jim Sorenson, Scott Vanderpool (Room Nine, etc., etc., etc.), Jane Brownson aka Jane Fag (the Fags), Jeff Gilbert (metal dude), Duff Drew (the Trids, My Eye), and Sir Larry Reid.

I read an excerpt about the Squirrels and Cheevers at the Elliott Bay Book panel on 10/19/11, and Rob takes it from there.  On this panel next to me (and for some reason I reversed everything with this really crappy software I used to edit the video), from left: Leighton Beezer (Thrown Ups); Tom Price (U-Men); Rob; Jack Endino (Producer.)

Ah, the U-Men.  The following Youtube clip relates to a 1985 gig where the band played at Bumbershoot, Seattle’s annual Labor Day music festival.  Bumbershoot is a family-oriented affair, replete with food and moms with baby strollers.  So, the idea of an underground Seattle band playing Bumbershoot was an anomaly back in 1985.

U-Men guitarist Tom Price recounts the story.  Since he was not miked, you will need to turn your volume up to hear him.

This clip was filmed at the Elliott Bay Book Company, Capitol Hill, Seattle on Wednesday, October 19, 2011.  The seated panel consists of, from left: producer Jack Endino; Rob Morgan of the Squirrels; Price; Leighton Beezer of the Thrown Ups; and myself.


at the Mix in Georgetown performing “Half Past You.”  Featuring, from left: Curt Eckman, bass; Ron Rudzitis, guitar/vocals; Ben Ireland, drums; Kevin Whitworth, guitar.