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(In 1988, TAD became the second band on the fledgling Sub Pop label*, after Mudhoney.  Given the rough-looking appearances of singer/guitarist Tad Doyle and bassist Kurt Danielson [who at the time lived in the neighborhood adjoining the University of Washington called the U-District], Sub Pop’s Bruce Pavitt decided to create a phony back-story about the band.)

While Mudhoney would offer long-hair inspired silliness, TAD would scare people.  Doyle’s sheer girth, combined with Danielson’s menacing sneer, gave Pavitt an idea.  TAD would be sold as a group of backwoods miscreants, just waiting to invade your homes and murder your children.  These misanthropes could not be reasoned with, for they had not evolved much beyond Cro-Magnon man.

Danielson didn’t fit the pre-Homo sapiens mold [nor did Doyle, for that matter].  He had studied English with a creative writing concentration at U-Dub and had a gift for writing as well as an extensive vocabulary.  Danielson loved to play up the joke, however, as exemplified by the following exchange with Dawn Anderson in Backlash.

“We’re obviously all healthy young men; we never have any trouble finding something to eat,” Danielson told Anderson, “and it’s not because we earn enough money to buy food, we just happen to be skillful hunters.  We heat our homes with wood.  I live in a log cabin myself.”

“Uh huh. Where?” Anderson asked.

“The U-District,” responded Danielson.

* – for you jaded scenesters and grunge people, I do know that Sub Pop put out EPs by Soundgarden and Green River the previous year.  By 1988, however, Green River had broken up and Soundgarden was moving toward a major label.