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After my reading/signing yesterday at Siren Records, my friend Jeff looked through the Appendix where I list “Little-Known Seattle Records You Should Listen To,” and commented about how some of them might be hard to locate.  So, with that in mind, I thought I’d offer a little assistance (big of me, I know).  No guarantees these leads will work, however.*

(Note: the following numbers correspond to the Appendix.  I am not listing the actual records in fairness to those who bought the book.)

Individual Artists

  1. Try
  2. This one may be tough, but you can try Jack Endino’s site (  He may have some copies available.
  3. I got mine from Jeff Smith aka Jo Smitty.  I’ll contact him and see if he has more on hand.
  4. Try contacting Conrad Uno at
  5. Last I checked, these songs were up on iTunes.
  6. Try
  7. I believe I got this one off of ebay.
  8. Email Rob Morgan at  And check out for more of his stuff.
  9. Tough one…I found this in a used record store in Seattle’s University District.  Try ebay.
  10. Try contacting Conrad Uno at
  11. Try
  12. Try contacting Conrad Uno at
  13. Try or iTunes.
  14. Try
  15. Ditto.
  16. Try or iTunes.
  17. Try
  18. Try or iTunes.
  19. Try
  20. This one’s pretty much available everywhere.


  1. I got this one off ebay.
  2. I found this one in a used record store on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Try ebay.
  3. Try, but you may have to go the ebay route.
  4. Try
  5. Try contacting Conrad Uno at

* – offer not good in Iowa.  Based on manufacturer’s suggested retail price.  Professional driver on closed course.  Do not attempt at home.  And as always, drink responsibly.