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Where Are They Now?

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Where Are They Now?

Some of the movers and shakers and donut holers (well, probably not them)…what they’re up to:

John Leighton Beezer (the Thrown Ups) is an Internet product manager in Seattle. He plays in a number of bands including the Thrown Ups, Stomach Pump, Empire Vista, and Stereoton.  He still refuses to practice.  See more about Leighton at

Kurt Danielson (Bundle of Hiss, TAD) keeps busy playing music with Misericords and Vaporland.  Kurt’s bands include former members of Bundle of Hiss, Love Battery, TAD, and the Fluid.  He is also writing four novels entitled Amnesomnia, Brand World, The Silver Tenant, and Brancusi.

Tom Dyer (Green Monkey Records, the Icons) is president of Argosy University in Seattle.  He recently issued a Green Monkey retrospective featuring the Fastbacks, the Green Pajamas, Mr. Epp, Al Bloch, the Walkabouts, and the Icons.  He continues to put out music by the Green Pajamas, the Icons, and solo projects.

Gillian Gaar (The Rocket) has authored several books including Green Day: Rebels With A Cause, The Rough Guide to Nirvana, She’s A Rebel: The History of Women in Rock & Roll, Return of the King: Elvis Presley’s Great Comeback, was an assistant editor on Krist Novoselic’s Of Grunge and Government: Let’s Fix This Broken Democracy, and served as a project consult for the Nirvana With the Lights Out box set. She still owns a “Lamestain” t-shirt.

Neil Hubbard (Engram Records, and early punk scenester) has played the bagpipes professionally since 2007.  He teaches the pipes to individuals and three different firefighter pipe bands, and plays at over 250 different events each year. Visit him at

Scott McCaughey (The Young Fresh Fellows) plays and records with only six bands: the Fellows; R.E.M; the Minus 5 with R.E.M.’s Peter Buck; the Baseball Project with Buck (and sometimes Mike Mills) and the Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn; Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3; and Tired Pony with Buck and Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody.

Peter Litwin (Coffin Break) plays in a band called Plaster.  Litwin periodically joins Rob Skinner in a re-formed Coffin Break.

Peter Barnes (the Enemy) is the co-founder of Clatter&Din, a media production company and studio in Seattle,

Jack Endino (Producer, Skin Yard guitarist) remains an active producer in Seattle and has recorded artists all over the world including Hot Hot Heat, Flipper (with Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic), High on Fire, Rich Riggins (of Chinas Comidas), and the Sonics.  Jack recently mastered the Screaming Trees’ Last Words posthumous release.

Rob Morgan (Pudz/Squirrels).  Since retiring the Squirrels in 2009, Rob has focused on various projects, including reinventing his Two Katz & A Toaster comic strip in painting form.!/2KAAT

Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts) lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia with his wife.  He has worked on solo projects and is involved with two collaborations called Dirtmusic and LONG.  He also works as a producer and soundtrack composer.  The Walkabouts will release their 13th studio album in October of 2011.

Dennis White (Pravda Records) runs Dadastic! Sounds which is involved in music, publishing and video. The label’s latest release, That’s Dadastic!, is a compilation of 20 old and new songs by artists from Seattle, Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Portland and more. He devotes the few hours he has left over to volunteer work.  Dennis is currently planning to save the world.

Amy Denio (Solo artist, Couch of Sound, FoMoFlo, Tone Dogs) remains as exciting and eclectic as ever, composing for hungry puppets, and touring the world with gypsy-core band Kultur Shock and singing sax quartet the Tiptons…and that’s barely scratching the surface.

Faith Henschel-Ventrello (KCMU Music Director) runs a wine distribution/brokerage/importing business in the Napa Valley with her husband Steve.  They also own Parador Cellars, which produces Napa Valley Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.  She dreams of starting a local community radio station.

Baby Cheevers (The Squirrels).  B.C. retired with the Squirrels’ 2009 demise.  He is contemplating a solo tour.

Rod Moody (Deranged Diction, Swallow) currently plays in The Fuzz, who recently released their debut, “Fun Forest.” He is also the website manager for Easy Street Records, Seattle’s premier independent music store.

Nick Scott (Psychopop, Popdefect) lives in LA and plays in 2 ½ bands: the Swords of Fatima, the Shards, and Project K2.

Robert Roth (Truly) has been active as a solo artist, and has reformed Truly with Mark Pickerel and Hiro Yamamoto.  Truly has 10 new songs nearing completion and has recently played for about 12,000 people in Spain.  The band has also shared bills with the Sonics, the Sex Pistols, Ray Davies, Gutter Twins, Dinosaur Jr., and Blue Cheer.

Larry Reid (Rosco Louie and Graven Image Galleries, CoCA, managed the U-Men) serves as curator and events coordinator at Fantagraphics Books in Seattle.  “That’s a sophisticated job title I assigned myself,” Reid commented in an e-mail, “which translated means ‘a clerk in a comic books shop.’”  The store hosts art, readings, and musical exhibitions.

Chris Hanzsek (C/Z Records—released the Deep Six compilation, producer, owner of Reciprocal Recording, Hanzsek Audio) relocated to Snohomish WA, but continues to record local artists in addition to his steady gig as mastering engineer (Hanzsek AV).  In his spare time Chris is an active photographer, hiker, climber, and cyclist.