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Red Dress Opens for Sun Ra

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Interview Clips

Red Dress, perhaps Seattle’s most dynamic and talented underground band, opened for some interesting folks.  Guitarist John Olufs narrates.

Date of Interview: January 6, 2011.

Used With Permission.

This conversation is with former KCMU (now KEXP) music director and DJ Mike Fuller.  KCMU began transmitting in 1972 as the University of Washington’s radio station.  Mike became music director when the University cut station funding in 1981.  This clip relates to Mike’s interaction with legendary Sub Pop Records label creator Bruce Pavitt.  By 1983, Bruce was hosting a radio show on KCMU called “Sub Pop USA” before he turned it into a label (unless you count the Olympia Sub/Pop zines/cassettes…but that’s a whole other story.)  In any event, Bruce would routinely show up for his shifts fatigued, broadcasting periodic yawns to his listeners.  Mike recalls one night where Bruce took things to their logical conclusion.

Date of interview: March 5, 2008.  Used with permission.

U-Men road trips weren’t like tours in the traditional sense.  They were more like tribal (sorry, Tom) migrations.  In 1985, the band built a tour around the 1985 Woodshock alternative rock festival held that summer in Austin, Texas.  The gig resulted from the U-Men’s kinship with Texas’ own Butthole Surfers.  In addition to the Surfers and the U-Men, Woodshock featured seminal ’80s indie bands Scratch Acid, Tex & the Horseheads, and Tales of Terror.

U-Men bassist Jim Tillman discusses the trip, which began with the band driving down from Seattle in their 1960 Chevrolet school bus with no emergency brake…

Date of interview: January 28, 2009.  Used with permission.

Rob’s Squirrels took the stage at Bumbershoot about fifteen years ago.  For those not aware, Bumbershoot is Seattle’s annual music festival held over Labor Day weekend.  For this particular performance, Rob and the band brought along a trunk (yes, a trunk) of Cabbage Patch dolls to launch into the audience.  To assist in this effort, Rob constructed a makeshift slingshot out of surgical tubing.  I’ll let Rob take it from there.

(Note: see the “Introducing…Seattle’s Squirrels” interview clip for discussion of the Cabbage Patch dolls and the world-famous Baby Cheevers.)

Date of interview: August 4, 2010.  Used with permission.

In this audio clip, writer/editor/zine creator Dawn Anderson recalls an early ’80s basement show featuring noise bands Limp Richerds (and yes, it’s Richerds) and Mr. Epp.  Dawn talks about the unusual method of percussion employed by the Limps’ Ross Guffy.  Dawn mentions Steve Turner and Mark Arm (both later played with Green River, the Thrown Ups, and Mudhoney.)  [Turn up the volume all the way on this clip…for some reason it came over really soft when I transferred the audio from tape.]

Author note: I have to give Dawn some props.  She is probably my favorite writer—among an extremely talented bunch—from the entire ’70s and ’80s Seattle music era.

Date of interview: May 30, 2007.  Used with permission.

This conversation has nothing to do with Seattle per se, other than the interviewee himself…the Enemy’s Damon Titus.  In this clip, Damon talks about a conversation he had with the late Will Shatter of Flipper about the 1979 San Francisco Harvey Milk riots.

Date of interview: June 3, 2008. Used with permission.

Now we delve into the offbeat world of Rob “Captain” Morgan and the Squirrels.  For those unfamiliar, the Squirrels were arguably Seattle’s most flat-out fun, talented, and goofy band, entertaining audiences from 1984 through 2009.  In 1991, the Squirrels introduced an enduring character to their line-up: a Cabbage Patch doll dubbed “Baby Cheevers.”  The band occasionally would play all-ages street fairs.  During these performances, Rob would hold the doll in front of a microphone while band-mate Joey Kline spoke into his own mike, covering his mouth with his hat…and thus was born the world’s worst ventriloquism act.  Kids often did not notice Joey’s hi jinks, however, as they stared at Rob holding Baby Cheevers.  [Author’s note: Joey would cover his mouth with the hat, not the mike as I stated during the interview clip when I interrupted Rob.  Here’s where I smack my head like Chris Farley…”Idiot!”]

Date of interview: June 20, 2010.  Used with permission.