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From my point and shoot…


(Waiting in the GA line across the street)


(Waiting inside…c’mon already. That’s a pretty grunge-looking guy in front of me.)


(Finally…the band takes the stage. No warm-up act.)


(Chris Cornell)


(Ben Shepherd)


(Kim Thayil and a semi-headed Chris…I pretty much had to lift the camera over my head and hope for the best)


(Chris with his head restored)


(Ben Shepherd)

chris 2

(Chris Cornell)


(Matt Cameron)

chris 3

(From left: part of Kim Thayil, Mike McCready [Pearl Jam], Chris)


A little while back,  I picked up the official CD of the Sub Pop 20th Anniversary show at, where else, Doylestown PA’s Siren Records.  The festival was held on July 12 and 13, 2008 at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington.  I showed up the second afternoon to see the Green River reunion, as I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog.  So, it was pretty cool to finally listen to a representation of the bands as I drove to work yesterday (but why no No Age?).

So, with that, here are my fave cuts:

1) Green River, “Leech.” Just hearing Mark Arm’s “Willie Dixon of grunge” comment makes this a worthwhile listen.  I was in the crowd when Mark made that statement, and I’m thinking about 10% of the audience got the joke, and I was one of them.  This song is absolutely 100% pure grunge.  How do I know? Give it a listen and see.

2) Beachwood Sparks, “You Take the Gold.” Country? No way, couldn’t be.  Sounds great, though.

3) Blitzen Trapper, “Furr.” Wait, country again? Folk?  Are you nuts? Yeah, and it again sounds great.

4) Flight of the Conchords, “Carol Brown.” These guys are fucking funny.  I saw them on some TV show before I even knew about their association with Sub Pop.

5) Iron and Wine, “Woman King.”  I like this dude.  Has a nice acoustic guitar riff going here.

6) Seaweed, “Baggage.” Grunge lite, I know, but what a great fucking song. (Update: Every time I listen to this song, it seems to automatically segue into “Polly” in my head. Then, in my unabashed brilliance, I figured out why…the main riff of “Baggage” has the same chord progression as the verse to “Polly.”)

7) Kinski, “The Wives of Artie Shaw.”  Wonderful instrumental that rocks.

8) Grand Archives, “Dig That Crazy Grave.”  This song’s story-telling, folky feel reminds me a little of the Walkabouts.

(Green River…I figured I’d pick a shot where Bruce isn’t cut off…from left: Bruce Fairweather (Love Battery); Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam); Mark Arm (Mudhoney); Alex Shumway (Spluii Numa); Not pictured: Stone Gossard (PJ); Steve Turner (Mudhoney.)

BRAD, from left: Happy Chichester, guitar; Keith Lowe, bass; Regan Hagar, drums; Shawn Smith, vocals; Stone Gossard, guitar.



Shawn and Stoney


Regan, Keith, and Stoney

(Carla Torgerson’s wall of guitars)

(John Conte, seated; Carla Torgerson on guitar; Scott Schickler on drums)

(Scott, Glenn Slater on keyboards, Leighton Beezer on guitar)

(Scott reaches for a beer)

(John and Carla)

Part 2, the Squirrels live at the Sunset Tavern, Ballard, Seattle.

(Scott McCaughey, Rob Morgan, and Tad Hutchison)

(Scott and Rob)


(Scott and Rob)

(Long time Squirrels co-pilot Joey Kline and Scott…oooh, psychedelic)

Part 1, Young Fresh Fellows, live at the Sunset Tavern, Ballard, Seattle.

(The manic Kurt Bloch.  Last night I decided he is Seattle’s Neil Young.)

(Jim Sangster)

(Scott McCaughey)

(Chuck Carroll, Tad Hutchison, and Scott)

Breakfast With Jack Endino

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Band Shots, etc.

(Breakfast yesterday in Ballard with producer/musician Jack Endino…got a Kandi Coded record out of the deal, so now I have an excuse to get a turntable)

(Tad Hutchison and Scott McCaughey)

(Rob and Chuck Carroll)

(Chuck and Jim Sangster)

(Preacher Rob presiding)

As put together by my beautiful wife…

Chris Hanzsek’s present to me upon completion of a 2007 Mt. Index hike.

First Young Fresh Fellows club gig poster.  (The inside joke is that everytime I’d mention Uno, my wife would say, “Isn’t that the Popllama guy?”)

 The world’s greatest rock n roll band.

The Cokes!

Giant chess board in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

The notorious Green River shirt…courtesy of Jim Sorenson.

The book panel at Elliott Bay Book Co. in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, October 19, 2011

Mr. Seattle reads my book!

Green River reunion show, July 2008

The joke here is that I kept telling my wife, “I’m working on this Red Dress piece.  I’m working on this Red Dress piece.”  It’s finally up on the blog in the cutting room floor section.