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Doing the Interviews

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Interviews

I recorded the first 50 or so interviews on cassette tape (remember those?) and digitized them in five (not-so) easy steps:

1) Play the tape into this crappy recording software in 35 minute segments.

2) Create a “mono” file of these segments into cpr format or something.

3) Use some freeware to convert the cpr files into wav format.

4) Because wav format creates enormous files, use some more freeware to compress them into mp3 format.

5) Import into itunes.  (It took me a while to figure out I could use Skype along with a free mp3 recorder to instantly turn phone interviews into mp3 files.  Basically, I’m not that smart.)

The photo below shows the files in itunes…almost 6 days of interviews made it in there.